Monday, February 1, 2010

The Beginning of a Journey

I love handmade and custom made clothes. I love how whimsical and original they are! You'll never find anything in the stores like them!

Let's be honest... I really love the reactions from people when going out into public! Any mom who has taken the handmade pledge has to confess they love that part of the deal! It's so much more rewarding if you say you made the outfit, but don't count just buying handmade out. Knowing that no other little girl in the world is dressed just like yours is so satisfying!

Seems like the sky is the limit when designing an original outfit. And I just can't stop until the entire thing is complete!

I discovered the boutique world almost eight years ago. Not only was it an awesome find, but it was highly addictive. I think the first interest I took in this colorful world was the many designs. I noticed that boutique clothing had seasonal trends just like the regular fashion world. The amazing part is seeing how many different forms one pattern can take. When you see the outfits, you know they were made from the same pattern, but the final results are so original... You could buy the same dress over and over from different designers, and never have the same one!

I have to admit that when I stumbled upon the boutique world, I didn't know anything! I even uttered a cynical remark when I saw the Custom/Handmade section on eBay. The first thing I could think was "Nobody's gonna buy anything handmade." Boy was I wrong! Once I began to look at different designs, I was immediately ready to begin making my own creations! This wouldn't come as easily as I thought, though. Boutique clothing are a delicate art, and what people like and will pay for, they like. And what they don't...they don't, no matter how cute you think something is!

It's sad to say that my early attempts at boutique were pitiful, at best. I saw a world I wanted to be a part of, and jumped in with two feet...And no knowledge.

Eventually, I began to study the designs, the techniques, the designers, and though I could see that there were vastly different styles, I realized that certain things were constant among boutique designs.

One of the constants that I love are ruffles. When I went to my senior prom, my dress was ruffles from top to bottom. I always wanted little girls I could doll up, but the stores were disappointing. They never had the super girly things I was always looking for.

Thanks to boutique clothing, I realized I could do what the store couldn't... Produce living dolls! And once I learned how to make ruffles, I began to put them everywhere! Ruffles, rick rack, ribbon, trims, and lace unleashed a newfound creativity in me!

And now, here I am, showcasing the talent God has blessed me with. Since I mentioned ruffles in the first place, let's talk about adding ruffles to clothing next time!

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