Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Well Ruffle My Feathers!

I love ruffles! I wore ruffles as a girl, I even wore them to prom! Now I have three girls (how wonderful!), andI dress them in ruffles too! And they love them!

It's no question that ruffles make everything cuter! You can put ruffles on anything girly, and totally change the look of the garment. And there are as many different ruffles as there are outfits! I have to admit that before I discovered boutique clothes, I didn't realize that I could create a wardrobe full of simple but effective ruffles. I say effective because they totally change the look of a child. If you've ever seen a child who is constantly in ruffles, it's quite a bit different to see them in just "plain jane" clothes.

The best thing about ruffles is that you can make them yourself, and they're very easy. If you can cut, hem, and gather, you cancreate a ruffle. Then you will be able to add them to jeans, shorts, shirts, and skirts... pretty much the basics of any little girl's wardrobe.

Check back soon, and I will give a tutorial in the businessof ruffles!

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