Saturday, July 16, 2011

Boutique In A Flash

I read a blog the other day that discussed the need to get handmade clothes sewn in a hurry. You can read that blog if you go here.

Let's face it. As a seamstress, who really has the time to just sit and sew all day? Granted, I would love to! But the detail in some of these boutique patterns take dedicated time, and most of us just don't have it.

And let's not talk about how many times we have to visit those patterns! A lot of times the reason I start on a project is because one of my little girls need something at the time, and I know I can sew it cheaper than using gas and money running to the store.

I must admit, though, that sometimes the prospect of me undertaking a project depends on how much time I'm expecting to spend on it. There are times when I know making something will take me several hours, and even though I really want to sit down and sew, it just never happens.

Is there a way to make boutique without spending all day at the sewing machine? Of course there is! In my new posts One Hour Boutique, I'm going to give instructionss on how to make boutique items in an hour or less. Of course, the initial undertaking may take a little longer as you get all the measurements and pattern making right, but afterwards you will be able to sew up a butique article in no time!

I hope these instructions are helpful to you. Please feel free to ask questions or leave comments. And may your closets overflow with boutique!

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